Worksharp Electric Sharpener

Worksharp Electric Sharpener

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Work Sharp has listened to feedback from customers and launched the MK.2 upgraded version of The Original Electric Knife and Tool Sharpening machine. Flexible belts, sharpening guides, and a two-speed motor makes sharpening faster, easier, and more versatile than before. Solid construction, works flawlessly and reliably, easy to master, even if you have never sharpened your own knives before you can easily achieve a paper-shaving edge.

New Improved Features
Redesigned Sharpening Guide – Select your angle quickly with an angle guide switch – 25 degrees Outdoor Knives or 20 degrees Kitchen Knives

Re-Designed Sharpening Guide – increases precision and consistency and ensures a proper edge angle

Scratch Resistant Leather Lining – on both sides of the sharpening guide

New Blade Rest – sitting in front of the abrasive band, facing the user – improves stability and a resting point for the blade as you pull through the sharpening stroke

Two Switch Adjustable Sharpening Speeds – Low Speed is Position 1, High Speed is Position 2, extra power for heavier sharpening and grinding tasks on tools like lawnmower blades, axes and garden tools.

Rotating Belt Module Head – designed for tool sharpening or storage

Dual Speed Electric Motor – trigger actuated
Assembled and quality tested in Ashland Oregon.


Adjustable Knife Sharpening Guides: 20 Degrees Kitchen and 25 Degrees Outdoor
Serrated Knife Guide and 65 Degree Scissor Guide -*Design intended for household use scissors only, not salon-grade shears
Sharpening Abrasives: 2x P220 Medium Abrasive Belts – Brick Red, 2x 6000 Fine Abrasive Belts – Purple (Turns grey after 1-2 uses)
2x P80 Coarse Abrasive Belts – Green (Ideal for heavy-duty tasks)


Worksharp Electric Sharpener