Endangered Wildlife Trust - R10 Donation

Endangered Wildlife Trust - R10 Donation

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The EWT is working with you, to protect forever, together.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, makes a tangible difference to the work we do, and enables us to save species, conserve habitats, and benefit people. Some examples of our work include:

  • Empower communities to live and work in harmony with nature
  • Conserve grasslands and wetlands to secure our critical water sources
  • Conserve wildlife and habitats on 100 private and government run reserves
  • Train thousands of law enforcement officials on wildlife trade issues
  • Keep livestock safe from predators by placing livestock guarding dogs on rural farms, which simultaneously protects carnivores from retaliatory killings
  • Feed over 10,000 learners from school vegetable gardens that we support
  • Increase safe space for Cheetahs and Wild Dogs in South Africa and beyond
  • Ensure our iconic raptors remain in the skies
  • Raise awareness and create connections between young people and their natural environment through our schools programmes, developing the guardians of the future

…and so much more

Endangered Wildlife Trust - R10 Donation