Cleaning Your Leather Shoes

To keep your leather and Suede shoes in best condition, follow these tips:


Maintain your product by cleaning the leather regularly to remove dust and initial dirt. Wipe shoes with a lightly damp cloth using lukewarm water and a mild soap. This will prevent discolouration of the leather. When shoes are wet, stuff with paper (not newspaper) to help maintain their shape. Do not machine wash or submerge or soak your shoes in water as this damages the glues, leathers and other materials used. Do not use strong detergents, bleach or ammonia on your Freestyle shoes.


Dry slowly using natural air circulation at room temperature; do not subject the product to a direct heat source. Paper can be used to stuff the shoes in the drying process to help absorb moisture and maintain their shape. Allow shoes to dry for at least 48 hours before wearing them.


Regularly clean with a soft brush to remove surface dirt. Oily liquids will be absorbed into the nubuck or suede and are impossible to remove - so it is infinitely better to pretreat the leather prior to first use with a suitable protector. Do not use a wire brush as this damages the surface. Clean with either a stiff nylon or hard rubber brush. Some stains canbe removed using a suitable reputable cleaning product. Expect a slight colour change - very often a shade darker.

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