Zappem Dead Electric Bug Swatter/Mozzi Racket

Discovery Miles 1 690


Your search for an effective way to kill mosquitoes and other flying insects with a single burst of electric power is over. BUG ZAPPER is guaranteed to kill a mosquito with one ZAP, and stun other larger flying pests to enable you to dispose of them permanently.

The voltage multiplier circuit charges the steel rods with positive and negative charges. The target insect acts as a short between any two rods and is Zapped by a punch of high voltage power.

The BUG ZAPPER is safe to use, but should be stored out of reach of small children.

Please use your BUG ZAPPER responsibly. Warning: Zapping animals is a criminal offence.

The Bug Zapper racket is not a toy for children, but we cannot deny that zapping a mosquito in mid-flight is fun for all ages. Included in Each Purchase:

2AA Batteries
Quality Bug Zapper Bag.
Warranty: 1 Year
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