Ticket to the Moon Hammock King - Trappers

Ticket to the Moon Hammock King

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Originally created by Ticket To The Moon, tested in all climates around the world since 1996. The parachute hammock was made by travellers for travellers. A comfortable sleep and ideal protection from insects and small reptiles, it can replace your tent: lightweight, strong, foldable, the hammock sets up in less than a minute, is rot-resistant and quick to dry (machine washable 30°C). Ideal for camping, trekking and any outdoor activities. Remember that hammocking is usually allowed where camping is forbidden. Made of high grade parachute silk, the elasticity adjusts perfectly to your body. Our hammocks come with stainless steel s-hooks or high-grade carabiners, allowing for quick set up.
Ticket to the Moon Hammock King - Trappers