Fire Maple Fire Fest Set - Trappers

Fire Maple Fire Fest Set

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The Fire Maple Fire-FEST is a 3 to 5 persons Cookset that contains 2 Pots; 2 Frypans; 4 Bowls; 2 Spoons and a sponge. Using imported anodizing aluminium, the cook-set is heat and friction resistant. The frypan can also be used as pot cover. The set is stored in a Mesh Bag making camping or hiking effortless.


3 to 5 Person Set
Hard Anodized Aluminium Pot Set
Heat & Friction resistant
Foldable locking handle that locks into place
The Fry-pans can be used as lids
Contains 2 Pots; 2 Fry-pans; 4 Bowls; 2 Spoons and a Sponge
Stored in a Mesh Bag inside of a box
Weight: 737g
Pot Dimensions:
Big Pot Size: Ø 170x92mm
Small Pot Size: Ø 136x78mm
Big Pot Volume: 1.7L
Pan Dimensions:
Big Fry Pan Size: Ø 180x46mm
Small Fry Pan Size: Ø 152x43mm
Big Pot Volume: 1.7L
Big Fry Pan Volume: 0.900L
Small Fry Pan Volume: 0.600L

Fire Maple Fire Fest Set - Trappers