DOfit Fitness Tracker - Trappers

DOfit Fitness Tracker

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Now you can monitor your heart rate, track calories, distance, steps and even monitor sleep patterns with the DoFit Activity Tracker.

Calculate Calories, Measure distance, Step pedometer, Heart rate monitor, Sleep monitor, Sedentary alert, Call alert,

Real time heart rate monitoring: Tracking your dynamic heart rate all-day recognise activity heart rate zone automatically, record resting heart rate

Peak exercise, Cardio fitness, and fat burning data

Auto tracking sleep quality App drawing trend chart

Important message and call informing at once - Synchronisation acquiring phone call, SMA, SNA messages, real time vibration to remind users

Size: 240 x 19 x 12mm

Net weight: 18g

Charging: USB port

Capacity: 50mAh

0.86 Low power consumption

OLED display - Horizontal or vertical view

Touch Key

USB charging - Standby Time - 5 Days

Charging time: About 1 hour

Daily life water resistant

Battery: Li-Polymer

Working time: 5 - 10 days

Activty Management: Auto recording daily activity info, creating a complete sports data file for the user. Users can view the complete data analysis o

Pedometer: Step algorithm - Combining the Gsensor with our unique filter and anti-interference technology, the pedometer accuracy is over 90%
DOfit Fitness Tracker - Trappers