GoPro HERO4 Black Edition



Meet the new GoPro HERO4 Black

Meet the GoPro HERO4 Black, the most advanced GoPro ever. The processor is twice as fast as it's predecessor, so you get twice the performance. This means that where the GoPro HERO3+ Black could only do 4K video at 15fps, the GoPro HERO4 Black now does 4K video at 30fps! Why would you want 4K resolution when your TV only does HD? Good question. Aside from making your footage more future-proof (your grandkids will hopefully enjoy watching you fall of your bike in 4K resolution), shooting at 4K allows you to crop your footage after you've shot it and still have enough resolution for full HD. However, you might want to stick to shooting full HD 1080p video and use the double power of the new processor to shoot at 120fps! That's 4.8x slow motion! This means that if you manage to catch 2 seconds of airtime jumping from the rope swing into the river at the farm, you've got just under 10 seconds of footage to enjoy afterwards! When you hit the water, you'll also be grateful for the rugged housing that's waterproof down to 40m!

Professional Features at an Amateur Price

Not only does the GoPro HERO4 Black feature a processor with twice the power, but it also gives you the option to take control of your images. With the new Protune(tm) settings for both photos and video, you now have control over Colour, ISO Limit, Exposure and more. This means that if you're a professional or an enthusiast and you know what's cutting with all those knobs and dials on your DSLR, you can now get more creative control and get the shot that you want.

4x the resolution of Full HD

GoPro action cameras have been shooting Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) for a long time, but they've quadrupled that resolution to bring you 4K video (3840x2160) at 30fps. If you're looking for this technology anywhere else, you're probably going to taking out a second mortgage or sitting your kids down and telling them that they're not going to university, but the GoPro HERO4 Black packs this cutting edge technology into a small and affordable package. If you're planning on your footage making it to the big screen, or you just want to shoot hi-res so that you can crop later, 4K video is a powerful creative tool.

Not Just for Video

The video from the GoPro cameras is so good that most people forget that you can use it to take 12MP photographs! You can take single photos or use the burst function to take up to 30 photographs in a second. You can also use the time lapse setting to capture photographs in intervals from 0.5 to 60 seconds.

New Night-Time Settings

Gone are the days when you had to pack your GoPro away when the Sun went down. In fact, you'll probably have more fun shooting at night with the new Night Photo and Night Lapse modes! These modes allow you extend your exposure time up to 30 seconds, which allows you to capture spectacular shots of stars, fireworks, campfire hangouts and more!

Stay Connected with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The GoPro HERO4 Black features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth(tm) connectivity, which allows you to connect your GoPro to your smartphone with the GoPro App. You can also connect your GoPro to the Smart Remote (Sold Separately) and other compatible devices. With the GoPro app on your smartphone, you can control all of the functions and settings of your GoPro HERO4 Black, as well as share your videos and photos via text, email, Facebook and more!

Make Those Special Moments Easy to Find

Did you just capture something amazing, but it was in the middle of a 20minute long clip and you know it's going to take you ages to find it in the edit? One of the coolest features to come with the HERO4 cameras is the HiLight Tag, which enables you to mark key moments while recording so that you can quickly locate your best clips later for convenient playback, editing or sharing using the GoPRo App or GoPro Studio. Just press the HiLight button on your GoPro HERO4 or Smart Remote, or use the GoPro App to make sure that that moment you captured is easy to find and share!

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