Gamepro Bubo Rechargeable 7Ah Battery Pack

Discovery Miles 5 990


The GamePro portable battery pack can be used on all the GamePro spotlights.

It comes with the following:

12V 7ah battery
Battery case with shoulder strap
12V charging adaptor Complete battery kit for any of the 12V Gamepro Spotlights or any spotlight with a 12V DC Cigarette lighter adaptor. The kit has a 12 Volt 7Ah Gel cell battery with a cigarette lighter adaptor. The battery is supplied with a padded nylon carry case, a 12V DC charging adaptor and a 220V charging adaptor. Expected battery operational time will depend on the amount of watts that your spotlight will draw from the battery. An important point to remember is Battery care: With proper care sealed lead acid battery will last 4 to 5 years before replacement is required. Neglecting to recharge immediately may cause battery damage, requiring batteries to be replaced. Lead-acid batteries do not like to be completely discharged and then re-charged again. Once the unit has been used it must be charged as soon as possible. The battery unit may be left on charge for indefinite periods of time (this will not damage the battery). By re-charging the unit after each period of use you will ensure the best possible battery life. The unit must be charged every three months if not in use. As batteries are consumable, they are not guaranteed. The batteries can be replaced. Batteries and globes are guaranteed to be operational at the time of purchase. Remember that batteries and globes are consumables, and are not covered by guarantee as we have no control over their operating times and conditions of use.
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