Food Nomnom Chicken Curry 200g

Discovery Miles 1 290


The contents of this pack are pre cooked, simply heat pack in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Alternatively, pour contents of pack into a container and heat over a flame. Dont expose the pack to a naked flame. Store at room temperature preferably under 27 Degrees. May be kept for up to two years. Do not Freeze.

Once opened, pack contents may be refrigerated but use within two days.

Do not consume if this pack is pierced or blown.

Ingredients: Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, Water, Tomato Puree, Sweet Potato, Canola Oil, Thickening Agent, Herbs and Spices, Salt.

This Product has been made in a factory that ises Peanuts and Soya

Allergens: Gluten and Celery

Nutritional Facts:

Energy -- 628kJ
Carbohydrate -- 14.0g
Protein -- 12.4g
Fat -- 4.8g
Saturated Fat -- 0.1g
Mono-Unsaturated fatty acids -- 2.3g
Poly- Unsaturated fatty acids -- 0.8g
Sodium -- 400mg
Iron -- 0.3g
Fibre -- 3.5g
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