Sabre Pepper Spray P-22 Jogger - Trappers

Sabre Pepper Spray P-22 Jogger

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Running early in the morning or evening, when it’s dark outside, creates the demand for The Black Runner Pepper Spray. The SABRE® Jogger Self Defense Pepper Spray fits in the palm of your hand, so it won't slow you down when running or walking. A hand strap allows for immediate deployment, allowing you to react quickly to a threat. A high powered ballistic stream reduces wind blow back and reaches a ten foot range. This powerful spray dispenses up to 35 bursts or 14 one second bursts.

The adjustable hand strap puts police strength protection at your finger tips.
The Pink Runner is by far the easiest pepper spray to carry and use while running.
Fits in the palm of your hand making it the premier deterrent for avid runners.
Has an adjustable hand strap for easy access.
Offers protection against multiple threats at a safe distance.
Number 1 brand used by law enforcement worldwide.
Sabre Pepper Spray P-22 Jogger - Trappers