We Love Local

September is Heritage Month, and what better way to celebrate than by supporting those local manufacturers who share our vision:
Giving our customers genuine quality outdoor goods.

Pop into your nearest Trappers store to see the full range of locally made goods available.

Saddler Belts & Leathercraft (Pty) Ltd has been in operating for over 25 years. It is still a family business, with management expertise that drives the business forward.

We believe in Genuine Leather and great quality and we love the outdoors!! Our country has many miracles left, especially when we encourage small businesses to flourish, our people are our strength.

Sterling Clothing (Pty) Ltd. is the flagship and premier retail division of the Kingsgate Clothing Group, which is South Africa’s largest privately-owned clothing manufacturer and wholesaler.

Sterling traces its origins to 1932 and is presently one of South Africa’s major manufacturers of leisure wear and utility wear. The “Sterling” label was created in 1935 and is a name which has, since its inception, become synonymous with safari wear, outdoor casual wear, quality sportswear and work wear.


Freestyle Handcrafted Leather, based in Cape Town, is a local manufacturer of top quality handcrafted footwear and leathergoods to the footwear and outdoor leathergoods industry since 1985.At our Freestyle factory we have been employing, training and empowering local craftsmen and women for over 30 years.

Freestyle Handcrafted Leather began as a hobby which developed into a small family business. It is still run along the same lines. All Freestyle products are crafted by hand for maximum quality and comfort. We aim to provide you with strong, distinctive leather footwear and leathergoods of high quality, timeless style and total comfort