Bear Grylls Micro Torch Keyring



Bear Says: 'I throw a few of these into every kit bag I take into the back-country. They weigh nothing yet can make a critical difference if your main torch or kit gets wet or lost! (attach them to your key-ring or back pack and thank me when when the unexpected happens!)' Compact
Long Lasting L.E.D. Bulb4 Settings – High, Low, Beacon/Blinking & Off
Easy to Use Soft Rubber Switch
Priorities of Survival Guide
Overall Length: 1.78'
Batteries: [2] CR1616
Lumens: Low: 3, High: 8, Beacon/Blinking: 8
Runtime: Low: 9 hrs, High: 3.5 hrs, Beacon/Blinking: 6 hrs
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